Soren Larsen

Soren Larsen
Professor & Department Chair
227 Stewart Hall

Ph.D., Geography, University of Kansas

M.A., Anthropology, University of Kansas

B.A., Anthropology & English, Illinois State University

Research Interests

I am interested in the human relationship with place and landscape.  I focus primarily on the politics of place and sense of place in rural and Indigenous regions of the North American West.  Much of my work concentrates on how residents politicize their cultural and emotional attachments to home and region.  These interests lead me to related questions of identity, belonging, and power.


Emphasis:  Cultural and Indigenous geography; politics of place; sense of place

Regions:  North America (Canada—British Columbia; western United States)

Recent Publications

Soren C. Larsenand Jay T. Johnson. 2017. Being Together in Place: Coexistence in a More-Than-Human World. University of Minnesota Press.

Soren C. Larsen, and Jay T. Johnson. 2017. Place Consciousness in the Anthropocene. In Geographies of Hope, edited by Juli Hazlewood, Renee Pualani Louis. Duke University Press.

Soren Larsen and Jay T. Johnson. 2016. The Agency of Place: Toward A More-than-Human Geographical Self. GeoHumanities 2: 149–166.

Soren C. Larsen.  Regions of Care: A Political Ecology of Reciprocal Materialities. Journal of Political Ecology. 23: 115-203.

Jacobson, Matt, and Soren Larsen. 2014. Ethnographic Fiction for Research and Writing in Cultural Geography. Journal of Cultural Geography 31: 179–193.

Soren Larsen and Jay T. Johnson. 2013. A Deeper Sense of Place: Stories and Journeys of Collaborations in Indigenous ResearchCorvallis: Oregon State University Press.

Soren C. Larsen. 2013. The Micropolitics of Storytelling in Collaborative Research: Reflections on a Mapping Project with the Cheslatta-Carrier Nation in BC. In A Deeper Sense of Place: Stories and Journeys of Indigenous-Academic  Research Collaboration, edited by Johnson, Jay T; Larsen, SC. Corvallis: Oregon State University, 2013.

Soren Larsen with Jay T. Johnson.  2012. Guest editor In Between Worlds: Place, Experience, and Research in Indigenous GeographyJournal of Cultural Geography, volume 29, number 1.

Soren Larsen and JT Johnson   2012. Toward an open sense of place: phenomenology, affinity, and the question of beingAnnals of the Association of American Geographers 102 (3): 632-646.

Soren Larsen and CN Hutton.  2011. Community discourse and the emerging amenity landscapes of the American WestGeoJournal doi:10.1007/s10708-011-9410-1.

Soren Larsen 2010. Environmental learning and the social construction of an exurban landscape in Fremont County, Colorado (SC Larsen, M Foulkes, C Sorenson, A Thompson). Geoforum 42(1): 83-93.

Soren Larsen and JN Dittmer.  2010. Aboriginality and the Arctic North in Canadian nationalist superhero comics, 1940-2004Historical Geography 38: 52-69.

Soren Larsen.    2008. Place making in rural protest: an analysis of a grassroots social movement in Anahim Lake, British Columbia. Journal of Rural Studies 24(2): 172-181.

Soren Larsen.  2008. Traditional knowledge regarding water among the Cheslatta-Carrier Nation in British Colulmbia: change and continuity in the use and valuation of a contested resource. In L'Eau Comme Patrimoine: De la Mediterranee au l'Amerique du Nord, ed. Ella Hermon. Quebec City: Les Presses de l'Universite Laval, pp. 499-512.

Soren Larsen, C Sorenson, D McDermott, J Long, and C Post.  2007. Place perception and social interaction on an exurban landscape in central Colorado. The Professional Geographer 59(4): 421-433.

Soren Larsen.  2006. The future's past: politics of time and territory among Dakelh First Nations of British Columbia. Geografiska Annaler 88B(3): 311-321.

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