Geospatial Intelligence

The MU Geospatial Intelligence Certificate Program has received accreditation from the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF).

The University of Missouri (MU) will offer and administer the Geospatial Intelligence Certificate Programs (GICP) through the Department of Geography in the College of Arts and Science. The Geography department's present course offerings cover a breadth of both technical and analytic subject matter that is essential in meeting the USGIF curriculum guidelines. In addition, MU's Center for Geospatial Intelligence (CGI) will provide important subject matter expertise necessary for ensuring that the students in our GICP are exposed to a wide variety of relevant geospatial intelligence issues and problems.

MU and the CGI are at the forefront of academic institutions focusing on GeoINT training, education, and research. MU is one of only three academic institutions in the U.S. that have executed a formal Educational Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). As part of this partnership, MU is sending a significant number of undergraduate and graduate students to NGA for summer internships. These activities serve to illustrate our commitment to providing MU students excellent career enhancement opportunities in the field of geospatial intelligence. Our GICP is an integral part of these important educational activities. Details of the undergraduate and graduate GICPs are provided on following page.

At a national level, MU's Center for Geospatial Intelligence (CGI) was the first academic organization to join the USGIF, the first to exhibit at the annual GeoINT Symposium, and is an active participant in the USGIF's efforts to develop the Geospatial Intelligence Certificate Program. These activities serve to illustrate our commitment to ensuring that our institution remains current with the GeoINT tradecraft and trends. Finally, MU recently finished construction of a 6,800 sq. ft. facility to house the CGI at a total cost of $2M. These facilities are state-of-the-art and contain a variety of specialized research laboratories dedicated to working on GeoINT problems in support of national and homeland security objectives. Our GICP students will directly benefit from CGI's subject matter expertise in the GeoINT field and will be exposed to a variety of career enhancement opportunities as well.

Please refer to the forms under Forms/PDFs for specific information on program requirements.


Dr. Tim Matisziw

Department of Geography