Doug Hurt

Doug Hurt
Assistant Teaching Professor & Director of Undergraduate Studies
221 Stewart Hall

Ph.D., Geography, University of Oklahoma

M.A., Geography, University of Missouri

B.S., Education, University of Missouri

Research Interests

Geographic patterns resulting from attachment to place and the homeland concept; geographies of public memory, heritage tourism, and popular culture; K-12 Geography teacher training; sport and regional identity

Courses Taught

Geog 1100/Regions and Nations of the World I

Geog 2120/United States and Canada

Geog 2130/Geography of Missouri

Geog 2340/South America

Geog 2710/Economic Geography

Geog 3140/Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean

Geog 3510/Historical Geography of North America

Geog 3780/World Political Geography

Geog 3800/Geography of Travel and Tourism

Geog 4990/Senior Seminar in Geography

Select Publications

Hurt, D. with Jeffrey M. Widener and Gary Gress.  2019.  The Geography Fieldwork Imperative: Strategies for Designing K-12 Field Experiences.  Research in Geographic Education 21(1): 26-44.

Hurt, D. with Adam A. Payne.  2019.  Postcard Imagery and Geographical Imagination along the Lincoln Highway.  Material Culture 51(1) 1-20. 

Hurt, D.  2018.  Baseball Stadiums and Urban Reimaging in St. Louis: Shaping Place and Placelessness.  In Explorations in Place Attachment, ed. Jeffrey S. Smith, pp. 151-166.  London: Routledge.

Payne, A and Hurt, D  2015.  Narratives of the Mother Road: Geographic Themes Along Route 66.  Geographical Review 105(3): 283-303.

Hurt, D. 2014.  Cartographic Influences on the Shaping of a Creek (Muscogee) Homeland in Indian Territory.  In Mapping Native America: Cartographic Interactions between Indigenous Peoples, Government, and AcademiaVolume II, ed. Daniel G. Cole and Imre Sutton, pp. 67-94.  Charleston, S.C.: CreateSpace.

Hurt, D. with Jeffrey Widener. 2013.  The Starbucks Experience: Percolations from Mexico and the United States.  Illinois Geographer 55(2): 17-42.

Hurt, D. with Ajax Delvecki, Adam Payne, and Gary Gress. 2012.  Oklahoma Tourism Along Route 66: Pioneers, Perseverance, Community and Freedom.  Material Culture 44(1): 31-49. 

Hurt, D. with Ajax Delvecki, Adam Payne, and Gary Gress. 2011.  Roads Less Traveled: Emerging Tourism in Peru.  FOCUS on Geography 54(1): 11-23. (with Jeffrey S. Smith).

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Hurt, D. 2003.  Defining American Homelands:  A Creek Nation Example, 1828-1907.  Journal of Cultural Geography 21(1): 19-43.