Joe Franklin

Joe Franklin
Geography Undergraduate Advisor
215 Stewart Hall

Bachelor of Science - General Studies - State Fair Community College

Masters Degree - Aviation Safety - State Fair Community College

Masters Degree - Educational Technology - State Fair Community College

Research Interests

Franklin works with geography majors and minors, and will meet with prospective students and talk to them about the geography program. Other duties include answering inquiries about transferring into program from community colleges and other universities, changing majors, navigating the program, and more.

Franklin has been with MU in A&S since June 2019, where he does online general studies and interdisciplinary studies degrees. He will continue his role in A&S, while working as academic advisor in geography.


A life-long Missouri resident, Franklin grew up in Sedalia, and moved to Columbia in August 2019.

Previous to his roles at MU,  he worked at State Fair Community College in Sedalia as an academic advisor, advising students in agricultural programs., welding, electronics, computer science, among other things. He also worked in the tech industry for about 20 years.

He’s taught online courses: Aviation Law, Aviation Ethics, Flight Ops Management using online teaching delivery systems and in traditional face-to-face classroom instruction.  

In his spare time, Franklin collects Marvel comic books and attends regional and national comic book conventions. He has been an avid collector for more than 30 years.