Matthew Foulkes

Matthew Foulkes
Associate Professor & Director of Graduate Studies
226 Stewart Hall

Ph.D., Geography, University of Illinois

M.S., Geography, University Illinois

B.S., Civil Engineering, University of Kansas

Research Interests

Migration patterns and behaviors of the rural poor, ethnographic approaches to population geography, geography of food insecurity, affordable housing and manufactured housing communities, modern streetcar systems


Emphasis:  population geography, migration, residential mobility, poverty, rural development policy, immigration, mixed methodological approaches

Courses Taught

Geog 2720: The City

Geog 2289:  Towns in Missouri and the Midwest: Voices and Inequalities

Geog 3740: Geography & Planning

Geog 4770/7770: Migration & Immigration

GEOG 4945: Internship in Applied Geography and Cartography

Select Publications

Foulkes, M. and Schafft, K. 2009. The impact of migration on poverty concentrations in the United States, 1995-2000Rural Sociology.

Foulkes, M. and Newbold, K.B. 2008. Poverty catchments: migration, residential mobility, and population turnover in impoverished rural Illinois communitiesRural Sociology 73: 440-462.

Foulkes, M, Hermsen, J. Raedeke, N. and Rikoon, S. 2008. Hunger Atlas of Missouri. Interdisciplinary Center for Food Security

Foulkes, M. and Newbold, K.B. 2008. Using alternative data sources to study rural migration: examples from IllinoisPopulation, Space and Place 14: 177-188.

Foulkes, M. and Newbold, K.B. 2000. Migration propensities, patterns, and the role of human capital: comparing Mexican, Cuban, and Puerto Rican interstate migration, 1985-90. The Professional Geographer 52: 133-145.