Grant Elliott

Grant Elliott
Associate Professor
222 Stewart Hall

Ph.D., Geography, University of Minnesota

M.S., Geography, University of Wyoming

B.A., Geography, University of Missouri

Research Interests

Climate-vegetation interactions, the biogeographical manifestation of climate change in forest ecosystems, the role of bioclimatic thresholds in driving vegetation change, influence of climate on process-pattern interactions in vegetation communities


Emphasis: biogeography, macroecology, dendrochronology, climate change, forest dynamics, climatology, landscape ecology.

Dr. Elliott is interested in studying climate-vegetation interactions across multiple spatial and temporal scales. To date, his research has primarily been conducted across high-elevation treeline environments along the crown of the Rocky Mountains and this research is ongoing. To better understand how local oak-hickory forests are responding to climate change,, he is working with a  research team of undergraduate students collecting annual tree phenology data (spring and fall) to better understand how individual species are responding to climate variability and how this differs along urban gradients.

Courses Taught

7620/Biogeography: Global Patterns of Life

XXXX/Introduction to Physical Geography 

3610/Physical Geography of the United States

8820/Field Geography

Select Publications

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