Larry Brown

Larry Brown
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Policy Studies, University of Missouri
M.A., Geography, University of Missouri
M.Div., Christian Theological Seminary
B.A. Sociology, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Research Interests: 

the theocratic right, Christian Identity (Israel) movement, militant hate groups and their effect on public and educational policy, white supremacy movements in the USA, geography of religion, the use of qualitative research methods in geography, political and religious movements in Latin America, the place of complexity theory in the Social Sciences and in Theology.


Emphasis: cultural geography, North America, Middle America, political geography, geographic education

Recent Publications: 
  • "The Middle East: Prospects for Peace?"; "Monsoon Asia: East Timor Seeks to Become the World’s Newest State"; "Kashmir: India and Pakistan’s Point of Contention"; "A Shift in Taiwan?"; "Africa: Africa’s World War"; "Russian and the Near Abroad: A Newly Revised Russia." in Essentials of World Regional Geography, Third Edition. Salter and Hobbs. Harcourt College Publishers, 2000
  • Landscapes of Fear The North American Geographer 1(2), 1999, pp. 149-163
  • Youth and Global Awareness Small Church Newsletter Missouri School of Religion, 1993
  • Understanding Islam Biblical Literacy Journal 1992
  • Songs From Nicaragua When Christians Meet Across North-South Barriers Dick and Julie Ann Junkin, et. al. eds., CELEP, 1989