What's New @MizzouGeog? 11.16.21

Soren Larsen

Good morning, everyone!

After a little hiatus, What’s New @MizzouGeog is back! Yesterday I was “elected” Events Coordinator, a position that does not actually exist in our Bylaws, and which I like all the more for that reason (I like the idea of imaginary titles, proudly worn).

The best ideas for departmental events are crowdsourced, so if you have any ideas for events or activities, from something simple like a social in Stewart Hall to something more elaborate, like a field trip, let me know. We will discuss logistics and feasibility first, then scheduling and advertising if we think it’s something that would work. Dr. Hurt and I will work to coordinate the events across the GTU/Geography Club spectrum as well.

One small change to the “What’s New” emails is that they will mostly come out on Tuesday mornings, although there may be some weeks when a Monday morning email is necessary. Either way, look to your inbox for an early-week memo from me on behalf of the department.

Please send me your news, updates, celebrations/kudos, announcements, et cetera and I will include those in the next What’s New email.

We do have some celebrations that were missed while I was away. I am surely missing some other celebrations, so please send those my way!

  • Dr. Mark Palmer and MU Geography major Sarah Frost, MU Biology major Grace Martinez, and MU Master’s alum Lasya Venigalla published an article entitled “Art and Argument: Indigitization of a Kiowa Historical Map for Teaching and Research” in the International Journal of Geo-Information. PDF is attached. This is so very cool when students and faculty publish stuff together.
  • MA Student Sarah Kammeyer won third place for the Masters oral presentation competition in the virtual West Lakes Division American Association of Geographers (AAG) conference, held Oct. 14-16. Her presentation is based on her grad thesis “Queering Como,” and it was held on Oct. 16. Check out Deb’s write up on our webpage, and Sarah in the sunflowers! https://geography.missouri.edu/news/kammeyer-takes-third-place-west-lakes-aag-conference
  • I got notification this morning that my article entitled “Gift of art/gift of place: boundary work for Indigenous coexistence” was published in the Journal of Cultural Geography yesterday (finally! It only took two years). I get 50 free e-prints, so I’ll just drop the link here if you want to check it out: https://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/PZMIIZAHTGRJ53MSBIW9/full?target=10.1080/08873631.2021.1989251

I know I have missed stuff! Send me info, news, kudos, events, etc.!

No email next week – Thanksgiving – but will be back the week following. Be well till then.


Events Coordinator