Stewart Hall Renovations Create Warm Environment for Geography Department

Stewart Hall: This beautiful building was completely renovated for the 2018/2019 academic year. It now holds brand new facilities, including the GIS Lab, the Geography Field Lab, various geography (and biology) classrooms, the Geography Library, the Geography faculty and grad offices, and Parker Auditorium.

Geography Library: The library holds a large collection of classic and contemporary geographic texts going back more than 100 years. Quiet, comfortable, and cozy, with big windows and lots of natural light, it's the perfect place to find your geo-zen.

GIS Lab: Located on the first floor of Stewart Hall, the GIS Lab has work stations for you and twenty-one of your closest friends to become certified ArcPros. Cartography, GIS I & II, Remote Sensing, Transportation Geography, Geospatial Sciences in National Security these are just some of the courses taught in the lab each year.

Parker Auditorium: Just down the hall from the GIS Lab is Parker Auditorium. With lots of windows and lots of seats, it's a big space for big ideas. This is where Dr. Urban taught Climate Change: Science and Public Policy last spring. It's always busy hosting speakers, classes, film screenings, and lots of other campus events.

Graduate Student Office: In this happy fishbowl of graduate student camaraderie, aspiring fluvial geomorphologists work alongside technical GISers across from cultural geographers ... and together try to understand the world.

The Geography Department: this long corridor on the second floor of Stewart Hall is where you'll find a bunch of beautiful maps and all the geography professors: Just listen for the dulcet tones from five (!) guitar players or the comforting buzz of the BBC World Service, you can't miss 'em.