MU to Release Emergency Aid to Some Students Affected by COVID-19

See if you qualify for emergency aid today!

MU is receiving emergency aid in response to the COVID-19 pandemic under the Federal CARES Act. A portion of that money is earmarked exclusively to address student need resulting from the disruption. 

It’s important to note that this aid can only be used for additional expenses incurred as a result of the transition to remote learning and disruption of campus operations. It cannot be used for lost income (however paradoxical), nor can it be used for charges incurred BEFORE the pandemic (e.g. outstanding student bills for pre-pandemic costs).

Examples of such expenses are:

  • Travel to/from campus (note that students who incurred additional travel costs to return from abroad are also in this category)
  • Out-of-pocket medical expenses not covered by insurance
  • Food or housing
  • Technology (e.g. buying internet, a webcam, etc., to continue online learning)
  • Any other additional / unexpected cost for continuing one’s education remotely

For the moment, MU will be disbursing amounts of $50-$1000. Students with truly extraordinary circumstances may receive more than $1000.

To be eligible for the funding, students must:

  • Have a 2019-20 FASFA filed (or they can file one ASAP)
  • Have been enrolled in SP20 as an on-campus student (not available to distance students or students in only online classes from the beginning of the SP20 semester)
  • Be in good academic standing

Unfortunately, international and DACA students are NOT eligible for this emergency funding at this time.

For the application and instructions on how to apply, as well as information about how the Federal CARES Act emergency funds will be awarded, students should visit the following link: