Missouri Credit Union Donates to Geography’s MGA Giant Traveling Map Program

Casey L Gentry with Missouri Credit Union provides a check for $1,500 to the geography department's Missouri Geographic Alliance’s (MGA) Giant Traveling Map program to assist students and educators in Boone and Cole counties.

Missouri Credit Union recently made a $1,500 donation to the Missouri Geographic Alliance’s (MGA) Giant Traveling Map program to assist students and educators in Boone and Cole counties and allow them to have free access to these maps for as long as funds remain available.

The monies will go a long way in helping students in those areas learn about geography. The support will encourage schools that haven’t been able to pay for the shipping/handling of the maps to now have access for their students and educators.

The academic lessons learned from these maps are wide and vary by grade level. Students can walk and sit on them, and in addition to learning about maps, they can investigate topical themes that include Missouri Battles, Where Rivers Run, GIS (Geographic Information Systems), and so much more. In the future, the geography department and MGA hope to offer the maps free to public schools throughout the State of Missouri so students have an equal opportunity to enrich their lives by learning about geography.

So many times, schools have inquired about these maps, but say they can’t afford the $125 for shipping and handling. The maps weight about 53 pounds each, and cost of shipping one-way has skyrocketed to about $60. MGA has little funding. It is a grassroots network of Missouri elementary and secondary educators, university instructors, geography professionals, and concerned citizens dedicated to the advancement of geographic literacy throughout our state.

Doug Hurt, coordinator for MGA, says the Geography Department will contact each school in Boone and Cole counties to let them know of MCU’s generous donation.

“We’re thrilled to partner with the Missouri Credit Union to offer our Giant Traveling Maps to more students in Boone and Cole counties,” he says. “These large, hands-on maps are tools that bring geography to life for students and enable them to explore Missouri in unique ways.”

Any individual or business who would like to donate to help schools in other areas of Missouri, can call the main office at 573-882-8370.