Keurig Pods/Cups Available in Front Office for GEOG Students/Faculty

Professor Doug Hurt, Chair Soren Larsen and Former Chair Kit Salter moving a table to Stewart Hall as part of Kit Salter's "Coffee Korner."

Donation of 50 cents (honor system) requested

For those new to MU Geography, there’s some news we’d like to share about the generosity of a former MU geography department chair and his wife and how that will affect you as students.

Kit and Cathy Salter gifted the department a Keurig machine last year to facilitate conversation and other “rhubarb” (a word that denotes a heated conversation, and the color of the machine) in the kitchen on the second floor of Stewart.

According to Kit Salter, Keurig is an acronym for Keurig Encourages Undertaking Research iGeography [KEU RIG}.

The couple also has donated coffee pods to assist the geography department to be able to offer a hot brew without too much out-of-pocket expense. The department does request a 50-cent donation on the honor system for each coffee pod/coffee cup combo, which are available in the main office during regular office hours.

The Salters also donated a large table that was purchased through University Surplus about 30 years ago, to place outside the breakroom for students to sit and enjoy the offerings.

Though originally meant for “gathering” — with Covid-19 students will have to enjoy coffee conversation from a distance. For more information, contact Debbie in the main office.