Geography Club New Officers Announced

Doug Hurt

Doug Hurt, the geography department’s assistant teaching professor and director of undergraduate studies, recently announced Geography Club officers for Fall 2020/Spring 2021.  (Fun fact: Vladimir Putin made a late, but ultimately unsuccessful, run at our treasurer position.)  Those elected are:

President — Jefferson Daubitz

Vice President — Sarah Frost

Secretary — Joe Frimel

Treasurer — Kadie Clark

“Geography Club is a long-time tradition in our department and is open to geography majors, minors, and other interested MU students,” says Hurt.  “We have a great leadership team elected for next academic year.  They’ll begin planning next fall semester’s events in late summer.  The Club’s activities are student-driven, but typically include field trips, service projects, monthly meetings, social events, and assisting in department activities. Congrats all!”

Sarah Frost, Kadie Clark and Joe Frimel took time from their summer vacation to comment on why they ran for office, goals for the upcoming year, expressed achievements and more.

Kadiie Clark

Geography department: Why did you decide to run for office for the Geography Club for the 2020-2021 academic year?

Frost: I sort of wanted to dive headfirst. I am absolutely stoked to major in geography. It is a field I really love. And having been raised in Columbia, I am excited to bring my knowledge to the table for activities we can do or places we can visit.

Clark: For a myriad of reasons, but mainly because I really love the geography department. I was an officer for Geography Club last year, and I loved it gave me the opportunity to be more connected and assist the department in events and programming in a larger capacity. When Dr. Hurt sent out the ballot and I saw that no one was running for treasurer, I thought it would be another cool way to learn more about the department and to also gain more experience in managing a budget. 

Frimel: I decided to run for office for the club for the 2020-2021 academic year because I wanted a responsibility with the club. I figured since I had been secretary the previous year why not run for the secretary position this year as well.


Geography department: What are some of your goals for the year?

Frost: One, I hope to get other people excited about geography whether that is excited for what the field allows them to do career-wise, or how it pertains to personal interest, or the tools that help them approach and understand and live in the world around us. And then a second main goal is to foster conversation about what it means to be a Mizzou student in terms of where we are: What does it mean to be in Columbia, in Missouri, especially since Mizzou attracts people from all over?

Clark: My personal goal for the year is to just enjoy the time I have left; this is my last year of undergrad, so want to be intentional about all of my experiences this year, as I know they are likely to be the last with many of my friends and colleagues, including the students and faculty in the geography department. Another goal of mine is to solidify my post-baccalaureate plans and get accepted into a graduate studies program that aligns with my academic interests. 

Frimel: Stay active and try to attend as many club events as possible. 


Geography department: What is the one thing you most hope to achieve as an officer?

Frost: I feel I will have made an achievement as an officer if I can help people feel welcome in the field. I think geography is a discipline that has something to offer everyone. And it is a field with a place and a use for every skillset. I might add that I want to make it so clear and obvious the cool aspects of geography so people want to go tell their friends and family about the field of geography.

Clark: I love that many of the students in Geography Club have interdisciplinary interests — whether it be in a formal academic engagement or not. The multi-faceted nature of the students and faculty in our department is what makes the Mizzou geography community such an intellectually stimulating, supportive, and joyful place to be. As the discipline of geography is inherently interdisciplinary, I hope as an officer I can continue the outreach of the club and the department to students in varying disciplines across campus.

Frimel: Keeping more detailed notes. I know it seems pretty generic, but club notes are pretty useless if they don't include specific details in them. In doing so, I am hoping to get everyone onboard the same page and to help prevent miscommunication.


Geography department: Have you served in this capacity before?

Frost: Nope, this is a new experience for me. I’ve in leadership positions with other organizations in the past, but I have not been involved with the Geography Club.

Clark: Last year I was vice president for Geography Club, so I was involved in that capacity, but I have never served in the capacity of treasurer for any club/organization before. 

Frimel: Yes, I served as the club's Secretary during the previous academic school year.


Geography department: If so, what did you learn from your previous service?

Frost: N/A

Clark: Serving as vice president this year gave me a lot of insight into more of the administrative functioning of an organization looks. There are certain guidelines that student clubs and organizations at Mizzou have to follow that I had no idea about, and we had to change some of the events last year because of them.

Frimel: One of the things that I learned from having this position last year was that a secretary has to keep well organized meeting notes in order to help members refer back to them at a later point. Otherwise, people may forget certain details we discussed during our meetings.


Sarah Frost

Geography department: What do you hope to learn from the current service?

Frost: I hope to get a better sense of what geography means for my peers or what attracts them to the field. I know it can often fly under the radar in discussions with career choices. So, I’m excited to learn more about what others see in geography and what makes others excited about this field.

Clark: I have had to manage smaller budgets through other organizations, so I am hoping through serving as Treasurer I will have the opportunity to see, on an organizational level, how this is done. Also, Hurt has mentioned investing in Bitcoin or maybe even some local real estate, so if that pans out maybe Geography Club will be able to buy two rounds of appetizers during happy hour. 


Geography department: How long have you been a member of the Geography Club?

Frost: This will be my first year. So, when I say I’m diving in head first, I’m diving head first.

Clark: I have been a formal member of Geography Club since the beginning of last year! 

Frimel: I've been a member of Geography Club since the spring semester of my Freshmen year! It's been fun to watch the club grow and include new members over the years.



Joe Frimel

Geography department: What do you like most about it? Or what do you think you will like most about it

Frost: In many other fields there’s a lot of stress and it can be competition, but in geography we all seem pretty happy to be here and happy that you are here too.

Clark: The environment is great — getting to experience geography with your peers and professors in a non-academic setting is really fun. I really appreciate when professors are willing to come speak to the Club, or even invite us into their homes for meetings or social events. It just goes to show that they really are interested in creating meaningful relationships with their students. 

Frimel: This is a tough question. However, I'd say I like discussing and interacting with my fellow club members the most. Everyone is very interesting and seems to bring something unique with them to our club functions.


Geography department: Anything else you’d like to add?

Frost: Yes, I love baking and regularly wish if only there were a group of people I regularly meet with willing to partake of home-baked goods. I’m putting it out there that this is a group I will meet with regularly, and one may infer from that what one will.

Frimel: Hope everyone is staying safe over summer break. Can't wait to see y'all in the fall semester.