Dr. Aída Gulhincozzi Is Appointed to Assistant Professor of Geography

The Geography Department congratulates Dr. Aída Guhlincozzi on her recent appointment as Assistant Professor of Geography and Women’s and Gender Studies! Dr. Guhlincozzi arrived at Mizzou in the fall of 2021 as a postdoctoral scholar in the Preparing Future Faculty for Inclusive Excellence program (formerly known as Preparing Future Faculty-Faculty Diversity). She earned her Ph.D. and MA in Geography from the University of Illinois and holds a BS in Geography from Texas A&M University. Since arriving at Mizzou, she has focused her research on qualitative and quantitative methods in geospatial technologies, healthcare access for Latinx communities, and diversity issues in the geosciences. She also developed a new course focusing on health geography and two other courses, community geography, and feminist geography. Her future research plans include advancing her research on access to healthcare for autistic students in Missouri (conducted with Dr. Mark Palmer, MU Health physicians, and the ECHO Autism team). Dr. Guhlincozzi will be hosting a Geography Camp for middle schoolers starting Summer of 2024, aimed at increasing the general interest and knowledge in the field of geography. She aims to provide students with opportunities to learn about and pursue Geography earlier in school. She will continue her research on healthcare access for marginalized groups, particularly Latina women in the Chicago suburbs, addressing issues of systemic bias. Her research also investigates qualitative GIS approaches for better opening up the opportunities of mapping qualitative material. Dr. Guhlincozzi is also accepting Master’s students interested in any of these research areas or, more broadly, applying geography and GIS to healthcare, health impacts from the environment, public resources, investigating qualitative GIS, or geographic education. Dr. Guhlincozzi says she’s thrilled to continue working at Mizzou because “Mizzou students are passionate and engaged and have so much opportunity during their time here. I’m just excited to continue being a part of that process.”