Award from Mizzou Advantage

"Esteemed colleagues,

I'm pleased to report that Mizzou Advantage has fully funded our proposal, Digital Indigenous Heritages.

I'd like to congratulate Joanna Hearne and Mark Palmer for their research that has been recognized by Mizzou Advantage, and thank those Peace Studies faculty who have helped develop the proposal, especially Amit, Charles, and Michael.

Anastacia Schulhoff will be working with Joanna and Mark beginning this summer to plan a new course for Spring 2014, English/ Geography /Peace Studies 3496, Digital Indigenous Heritages.  They will also be constructing a web portal devoted to the Indigenous Heritages of Missouri.

One of us may be calling on you with a question as we move forward with these projects.

Best wishes for a productive summer,

Clarence Lo"
Clarence Lo
Director, Peace Studies Program
Associate Professor of Sociology
312 Middlebush Hall
University of Missouri
Columbia, Missouri