Alumni Spotlight - Lebo Moore

Lebo Moore graduated from the University of Missouri in 2014 with a master’s degree in Geography. Now, she uses what she learned through her degree as a Food Hub Manager at the Minnesota Food Association. In this position Moore works with local farmers through the organization’s Farm Education program. She teaches these farmers skills ranging from food safety to marketing their produce to local food markets.

“Most farmers are either new to farming, or are New Americans or refugees who are looking to access land and resources in order to grow food for their families and learn how to start a small farm business,” said Moore.

In her role, Moore is able to work with individuals from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. Because of this, she believes the best part of her job is being able to learn about others just as much as she teaches.

“I work with incredible people who are committed to changing the food system as much as I am,” said Moore.

In order to take on this role, Moore first developed the skills she would need through the University of Missouri’s Department of Geography. She decided to pursue her master’s degree in the subject after a mentor recommended it based on her interest in the history of control over place, specifically when it involved agricultural lands.

In addition to learning about her own field of study, Moore also found it important to take classes outside of geography while she attended Mizzou. She believes these experiences made her a well-rounded individual by the time she graduated.

“It’s in the tensions and the discussions with people who think differently that you can learn a lot about yourself and how to engage in a complex world,” said Moore.

This curriculum gave Moore the tools to succeed in her career after she graduated. With an ever-changing world, she believes that geography gives students a context to interpret their surroundings.

“Geography offers a great gift in understanding the world as it relates to people in places whether they have control of their own livelihood or are beholden to a system that oppresses them,” said Moore. “You can do anything with a major in Geography, the world is in fact waiting for you.”


Lebo Moore