Geography Speakers’ Series: Medeia Csoba DeHass

Medeia Csoba DeHass
216 Stewart Hall

A Survey of Best Practices for the Use of 3D Technologies in Preserving Indigenous Heritage  

 Digital 3D models of Indigenous ancestral heritage are rapidly becoming a standard practice in digital heritage preservation, yet we know very little about how they are viewed in relation to their physical counterparts by Arctic Indigenous communities. This lack of understanding hinders the development of effective strategies addressing the protection of Indigenous cultural property rights embedded in 3D models, collaborations driven by the co-production of knowledge, and data management practices that promote Indigenous data sovereignty. Looking at some of the best practices that have been emerging through a series of interconnected projects provides a path toward developing a collaborative 3D heritage preservation framework that can be deployed both in origin communities and in heritage institutions. Considering best practices of 3D digital technologies also contribute to the larger discourse on the digital representations of Indigenous peoples and the post-colonial legacies embedded in digitizing Indigenous collections. 


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