Declaring Geography as a Major or Second Major

Students wishing to declare Geography as a major or second major should follow the following steps

  1. Make an appointment with the department’s Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Doug Hurt,, who will go over course requirements and options as well as answer any questions.
  2. Notify the College of Arts and Science Advising Office in 107 Lowry Hall that you wish to major in Geography.
  3. You are required to fill out a Graduation Plan by the time you have completed 60 credit hours of coursework.  (You must also be in good academic standing and have completed English 1000 and Math 1100.)  The Grad Plan will be completed with help from the Director of Undergraduate Studies who will sign the form when it is finished.  Arts and Science Advising will also approve the plan before it becomes your official program of study.
  4.  Meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies each semester before you register for courses.  You may be unable to take some of the courses listed on your Grad Plan or wish to take alternative courses.  This is typical, but make sure the replacement coursework fills the same requirement.  Before the end of registration for your graduation semester, you should ask Arts and Science Advising for a Grad Check to verify that you have completed all requirements necessary for graduation.

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Dr. Doug Hurt