4790 - Geography Information Systems for the Social Sciences


This course is designed for social science students interested in learning about the tools available in GIS for linking to and analyzing spatial qualitative data. This course is not structured to provide a complete understanding of GIS principles and practices. Rather, the course makes use multiple data sources (qualitative and quantitative), applied within a social context, using spatial investigation procedures to detect geographical trends in data sets. We will primarily focus on qualitative research methods and how they may be applied to GIS, and how GIS can enhance qualitative research. Our class will undertake an original project using American Indian oral histories to better understand the relationships between places, culture, society, economics, and the environment. At the conclusion of the course students, 1) will have a basic understanding of geographic information systems; 2) knowledge of qualitative research methods and GIS; 3) participate in original geographic information social science research. (3)